Andrew Nelder
Engineer // Developer
Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria, 2009
Expert level understanding of Python and Python Web Development technologies including Flask and Django.

Strong understanding of Ruby programming language and some experience with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.

Very strong understanding of the Java programming language and a lot of experience with a variety of Java tools and libraries.

Strong understanding of Javascript language, Node.js and AJAX.

Objective-C / Swift
Learning fundamentals of iOS development in both Objective-C and Swift. The language is simple enough to understand and use, but the in-and-outs of the nuances of the development environment require more of my attention.

Graph Databases
Very good understanding of graph database technology as it was crucial to the development of large scale NLP solutions in my research.
Developer Support
Stripe, Inc.
Work directly with developers to implement the Stripe product line into their projects.
Software Developer / Automation Engineer
Real Geeks, LLC.
Worked with a small team to scale several web-applications to accomodate the company's extremely rapid growth. Additionally, responsible for designing, building and maintaining the corporate user management and billing system for new and existing clients.

  • - Unstructured Development
  • - Continuous Integration
  • - Testing
  • - Version Control (Git)
Sr. Research Analyst / Research Lead
Seeker Solutions, Inc.
Responsible for a team of researchers with a variety of academic backgrounds and managing all research into technologies related to the company's core competencies.

  • - Agile Development (Scrum with Kanban)
  • - Continuous Integration
  • - Testing (Unit Tests)
  • - Version Control (Git)
Programmer Analyst
Seeker Solutions, Inc.
Responsible for conducting research specific to the field of Natural Language Processing and determining it's impact on current or upcoming technologies. Furthermore, I am responsible for designing and developing new technologies for use in our technologies and software projects.

  • - Agile Development (Scrum)
  • - Unstructured Development
  • - Testing
  • - Version Control (Git)
Help Desk Analyst
University of Victoria
Responsible for addressing calls, emails, and work orders pertaining to computer problems both inside and outside of the University of Victoria network. As a certified computer hardware specialist, I diagnosed hardware issues and did minor repairs to machines.

  • - Phone and Email Support
  • - Unstructured Development
Software Developer / Game Developer
InLight Entertainment
Worked as a software developer making games for the LeapFrog console. I took direction from designers and was responsible for maintaining bug fixes in the iterative development environment. Gained a strong familiarity with software requirements, design, and specifications documentation.

  • - Waterfall Development
  • - Testing
  • - Version Control (SVN)
Technical Support Representative
MSN Technical Support / RMH/NCO Group
Worked alone taking phone calls for MSN Dial-up Service customers.

  • - Phone Support